Thursday, March 04, 2010

grey sweaters

I have a ton of grey and white things. I think it's a Club Monaco / Zara / Banana thing. The neutral colors are perfect for bringing out brighter pieces. I'm going through midterms right now, and it isn't over. After class, I'll be burying myself in the library until Sat morning when I take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam in LA. That means the grey comfy sweaters come out in doses.

club monaco sweater & white tee, seven jeans, rainbow slippers, nine west bag, thrifted sunglasses, belt stolen from my cousin's closet

I waited patiently for 5 months for this Club Monaco sweater to go on sale. It went down to $100 and I refused to buy it until it went down to $50. I held off and held off...until last weekend when i walked through the store and I see it for $49!!!! oooh, and since they take student discounts at the store, i got an extra 20% off. Score.

oh, and we must not forget the Rainbow slippers. They are biodegradable and the most comfortable things on the planet. I've had mine since college, and these things got me to class, up the dreaded Janss steps every morning.

unbuttoned, you can cover your whole head with the cowl neck and cozy up

This sweater vest I found in Armani Exchange on sale as well. It's reversable!!!! The fur is super soft and snuggly for cold days, but the other side is just as comfy for the warmer days like today.


I guess today is the perfect day to introduce the kid behind the cam. He came home while I was getting ready to leave, so he snapped these pics for me. And then I noticed that he was in a really nice grey sweater as well! Perfect outfit for this post! His sweater is from H&M, and I may have to steal it one day!


  1. I guess we were both in a grey mood! And glad to see that you spell it correctly. ;)

    And don't you love a good score at a great price?!

  2. ughhh I know how you feel, I'm going through stupid engineering exams right now annnnnd freaking 16 page lab reports. SO not fun. That grey cardigan looks like the perfect piece to both be comfy in and to experiment with micro mini skirts. Btw, my bf's a lawyer so I know your pain!

  3. nice HONEY! :D I LIKE IT!!!

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)


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