Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pike place

Lovely day outside in Seattle. We planned to spend the whole day at Pike Place, so we walked all of it. Both ends, downstairs and upstairs. We bought tons of random things for gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, fruits, and of course, foooooood.

taking the time to smell the flowers

aren't they STUNNING?

fresh fruits we bought for later

oink oink...tam's favorite animal

The Pike Place Fish Market was the best with their oyster shooters that were ready to go. We bought 5, and did the shot right then and there. Here is Michelle and a lovely fish that wants her to kiss it.

playing with the fishes

oh tam *_* the things she will do..

look at the SIZE of that shrimp!!

The monk fish was the ugliest thing on earth. It scared me half to death...and here is the video. The guys at the fish market had it on a string and when i got close, they pulled the strong so that the fish snapped up to scare me. After the video, Michelle posed with it.

Here is a video of us taking the oyster shooters. Michelle brought her Yucateco habanero sauce, so we each got a drop in our shooter.

We found these oyster shooters all ready to go. It's the greatest idea EVER!

our expressions...were literally...WTF?? Are these for REALZ?

I have pictures of us taking the shooters...but a video is much better *_*

mmmmmmmhmmm donutssss

a coffee / coke / beer break

I bought these copper bracelets at Pike for me and Tien. We love them so much because the copper is good for you, and you can engrave anything on it. Mine says "amore, amicizia, e risa" meaning love, friendship, and laughter. All the things I value so much.

Tien picked out the same engraving...but then I found a more perfect one for her...and she agrees! *_* Tien's bracelet says "progess, not perfection"... which makes me laugh every time i see it. Too bad it's not in Italian...it probably sounds amazing. hahahhaa

Tam found another piggy!

This oyster bar was recommended by the boys at Pure Foods in Pike. They sold us the giant monk fish, and shrimp earlier...but they also told us where we can find some oysters that are already shucked for us. We forgot about it until an hour later when i randomly saw the sign on the other side of Pike's. It's destiny!

you gota swirl the habanero sauce all over the oyster!

ohhh yeaaaa

look at the SIZE of this thing!

Tam, Michelle, and Jennie found a shop that sold truffle salt and oils....and a free tasting of all of it. And they went to town with it.

On our way out, we ran into the Japanese couple that was with us at Chateau St Michelle wine tour! What are the chances of meeting again in this dense little city the next day...45 miles away? Amazing.

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