Monday, March 15, 2010

chateau and custard

I cannot believe that Chateau St Michelle is so close to Seattle. It took us less than 45 min to get there but the weather was on our side. We had some slight drizzle, but I didn't even pull out an umbrella the whole trip.

We arrived at the main house and this gorgeous cherry blossom struck me. We pulled some picnic tables underneath and posed in front of the house.

After we explored the interior and tasted, I opened the door and walked right into this beautiful peacock! There were two of them, and they were not afraid of people whatsoever. They were just doing their thing, and then disappeared as the winery started to close. The best part?? We're matching colors!!!

Beautiful colors

Michelle and I climbing the oak barrel. It's tradition.

Chateau St Michelle for Michelle!!

I love this painting. Too bad its $400 or i'd get it already.

The tasting room all prepped for us

Dick's the man.

This cab is Michelle's favorite. We got a box set of the Riesling, the cab, a muscat, and sparkling wine. As we were just about done tasting, these 2 guys were setting up a photo booth for the event that night. They asked us to do some test shots for the booth, and boy, did we go to town with that thing. The pictures need to be scanned still...but Jennie took these of Michelle and I at the very end.

Final group shot with the Japanese couple that came with our tasting.

Korean BBQ for dinner

LOVE this pic of Tam. She ate all she could and then wiped the sweat from her face. So great!

After dinner, we had to spare some room for frozen custard. I have not been able to find this in CA, so people, let me know if you find a place!!!

We got the banana split frozen custard with vanilla, chocolate, and taramisu custard. They make a new flavor everyday, and there is a calendar so you can find out what's coming next. I cannot believe how big this thing is. We ate it ALL.

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