Tuesday, March 16, 2010

gum wall

Seattle is filled with artsy people....and some weird people. That makes for some interesting places for artwork to be. The gum wall is literally a wall....of gum. It's disgusting as heck...but at the same time, so amazing. Therefore, although it is in Pike Place, this wall deserves a post of its own.

Since we started the day at Pike and I got no good pictures of my outfit, I'll do the outfit posting now. My backdrop is disgusting gum, all the most amazing shades of color. Tien took this pic of me and I'm grateful for the nice layout.

diane von furstenburg royal blue dress, h&m jacket, forever 21 tights, nine west flat boots, dsw bag

I found a bunny....right next to my Vietnamese name! How freaking weird is THAT?!

we chewed our gum, and contributed to the wall

I'm a little disgusted...but still fascinated

god dang it tam! must you lick everything?! *_*

i feel you michelle



  1. Wow, that gum wall is too weird. Awesome, though! You look absolutely lovely, by the way...:)

  2. The gum wall is indeed disgusting! I was there a while back and felt queasy the entire time. My fiancee on the other hand loved it!

    My gum wall photo: http://inthelimelight.net/sticky-in-seattle-the-seattle-gum-wall/


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