Monday, March 15, 2010

needle and troll

I came home and started organizing the photos into folders and categories. When I started labeling them, I laughed at this one because it sounds like a title for an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Anywhoo...on the second day, we woke up bright and early to get in as much stuff as possible....and boy did we!!! We went to breakfast at Toulouse first, enjoyed some amazing morning cocktails along with Creole Cajun food, and then walked to the Space Needle. This is one of my favorite ones from breakfast. We ate so well, we almost rolled out of the restaurant, and Tam kept rubbing her tummy. I accidentally forgot to change the settings from Tungsten, so there is a blueish tint to this pic...but that makes it look even better.

Dick's Restaurant was next to Toulouse, and they have their own parking lot. Cars that drive into the lot see this sign...but for us, we just had to take some incriminating photos...that are not to be posted other than this one. *_*

On the way to the Space Needle, we stopped by the International Fountain in Seattle Center. I love this fountain because you can run down to the water and jump around if you want, or you can sit on the rim and enjoy the view. Michelle braved the cold and ran down to the water. We shot a video of her doing the fist pump! I die of laughter every time I look at Michelle's face here *_*

Tien took this pic because we were unconsciously proportional to each other.

I have the power of Poseidon

Tam was not aware of the pose we were aiming for.

The Needle was so much fun, but it was FREEZING cold at the top. The elevator shook as we rode up, but that did not scare us! We walked out onto the observation deck and took photos in the freezing wind...and then ran inside to buy hot coco.

CA girls in WA = not use to the rain/wind

Even though it was so cold, we still gotta look good!! We layered and wore cute coats, mittens, and beanies to bear the cold. Jennie wore these amazing boots the whole day and she was a trooper in them! Her black ensemble just made her white bag pop and it paired perfectly with her checkered scarf!

me: H&M blue coat, Olily beanie, Nine West boots, DSW brown bag, Forever 21 tights, The Limited scarf
jennie: H&M black semi-puffy jacket (purchased at the first H&M in the UK); 7 for All Mankind dark denim skinny jeans; Guess knee-high boots; Banana Republic checkered scarf; White buckled bag from random Korea boutique

Tam and Michelle were equally cute in their winter gear. Here they are, freezing their butts off and still bearing it so that they could take these pics of each other. In the meantime, Tien Jennie and I were inside already buying hot coco. Tam is wearing a Forever 21 white coat and the most adorable mittens without fingers. Michelle's ghetto fabulous jacket kept her warm with my Burberry scarf [which I don't think I can get back *_*]

The troll lives underneath the Freemont bridge. He's actually really scary looking, and when we attempted to climb around the back, there were a bunch of sleeping bags behind him. However, we still managed to take tons of pics and be as loud and obnoxious as possible.

It took a lot of effort to get up on the troll's hand. But we got the hang of it and got up there!

Tam likes to pick people's noses apparently. I love this pic because of our expressions.

We did this jump at least 20 times with an epic FAIL. However, we persisted and it paid off in the end! Whooot!



  1. might have done my FIRST ever outfit shot! :O)

    I was wearing: H&M black semi-puffy jacket (purchased at the first H&M in the UK - SEVEN years ago! yikes - when I studied abroad in 2003, when H&M was sooo unknown!); 7 for All Mankind dark denim skinny jeans; Guess knee-high; Banana Republic checkered scarf; White buckled bag from random Korea boutique (for ten american dollars! I love deals!!).

    I had a sweater on underneath but don't know which one since it's not shown in the picture.

  2. Please tell me you took advantage of the opportunity and skiing up there. The snow is so good.

  3. i went with the girls and we didn't get to canada. I only brought enough clothes to eat in downtown and seattle. Next trip!


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